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From A to Z

3D Project

Every project starts off with a clear conceptual phase taking into consideration the needs of the client and incorporating a fusion of design and functionality. After which, every detail is directly transformed into a 3D visualization representing the project concept and details as close to the reality as possible.

Execution Drawings

The 3D visuals are then literally translated into execution drawings with close colaboration between the team and designers to ensure the vision is clearly communicated. Décor Center produces a complete set of execution drawings and details ready to be sent out for construction.


Décor Center manages and collaborates with subcontracting partners ensuring the design is fully executed to our standards. Site managers are available and follow up continuously to ensure that each project is on schedule and executed with top quality.


Before delivery, each project is fully reviewed by members of the Décor Center team from the designers to the technical team to ensure the outcome matches the initial vision. All deliveries respect the initial scheduled time of the project as well as confirm strict quality standards and close collaboration with our clients.

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